Depression is a Mood Disorder that can cause significant impairments in our daily life functioning.   Depression affects 21 million Americans a year.  That’s almost 10% of the US population.   It is manageable; however, with a proper diagnosis and intervention it is a highly treatable and manageable condition.  


We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) which is goal oriented, strength based, and educational for the depressed client.  CBT focuses on changing an individual’s thoughts (cognitive pattern) in order to change their behavior and emotional state.  


Depression, in Adults, can only be diagnosed if symptoms have persisted for 2 years or longer.  In adolescents and children, mood can be irritable and duration must be at least 1 year.


General Symptoms of Depression Include:


  • Poor appetite/overeating

  • Hypersomnia/insomnia

  • Fatigue/lack of energy

  • Low self-worth

  • Poor focus/concentration

  • Feelings of helplessness/hopelessness

  • Symptoms such as extreme irritability, preoccupation with self-harm/suicide, substance abuse, mild memory impairments, anxiety and excessive worry.  

  • In more severe cases of Depression a person may experience hallucinations.


Other symptoms may include substance abuse (attempt to self-medicate), de-personalization (sense of leaving one’s body) or agoraphobia (fear of leaving one’s house).