Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms usually occur within 3 months of a traumatic event.  It is an anxiety disorder. Sometimes symptoms can surface several years later. PTSD symptoms cause significant problems in work, social situations and interpersonal relationships.  


We use Cognitive Therapy, to help a traumatized client to recognize how their thinking patterns (cognitive patterns) that are keeping them “stuck” — for instance, negative or inaccurate ways of perceiving everyday situations. For PTSD, cognitive therapy often is used along with exposure therapy.  


Exposure Therapy (or Desensitization) is a Behavioral therapy that safely helps a traumatized client to face whatever they find to be frightening and often debilitating.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Include:


  • Intrusive memories

  • Avoidance (certain locations, people, smells, sounds)

  • Hypervigilance (increased arousal)

  • Recurring nightmares of the event

  • Changes in emotional responses

  • Flashbacks/”Flash bulb memories” (re-experiencing of the event)