All our services for court-ordered requirements give you important benefits: 


  • Private and Confidential

  • Individual Course

  • Court/Probation Letters

  • Completion Certificate Letter and Recommendations



THEFT ABATEMENT:  This Theft Abatement Course will provide the required court/probationary education in addition to teaching you problem solving skills for Relapse Prevention specific to your individual needs.  It is for first time or repeat theft or worthless check offenses.  This course will help you understand the underlying causes, such as negative thoughts and beliefs which contributed to stealing behaviors.  


Individual Theft Abatement Course:  $80.00



SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM: This course educates participants about the psychological, social and emotional effects of using alcohol, drugs, and illegal substances. Participant will learn the difference between abuse and dependency. SFT provides private one on one psychotherapy to assess the individual’s needs, while providing relapse prevention, coping skills, and tools to understand addiction and its harmful behaviors. Therapy gets to the core issues so that the individual can self-assess and maintain sobriety with confidence.




ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: This psychotherapeutic and educational approach designed to explore together the thoughts behind you angry behaviors.  It is only thru self-awareness that one can learn to change and prevent future aggressive behaviors and actions.


Topics Addressed: 

  • Anger  Vs Rage

  • Assertive VS Aggression

  • The “Abused” growing up to be the “Abuser”

  • Basic Anger Management strategies

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Impact of unresolved “Anger”

  • Response VS Reaction to Triggers


ACCAEPTBLE FORMS OF PAYMENT:  Money order, major credit cards, or cash (note: no letters or certificates will be released to court or probation until all payments have been made).


APPOINTMENT:  To set appointment in person, you may call our office and talk directly to our owner/therapist. We require 1 valid form of identification (student id, driver’s license, military id).




Solution Focused Therapies offers the court-ordered counseling you need in a private and confidential setting.  Our Progressions Program includes courses and therapy for any of the following court requirements: